Event Recap: “The HOT SEAT” Top Agents Mastermind at the Masonic Lodge, San Dimas

Date: May 22, 2024

Time: 11am – 2pm

Venue: Masonic Lodge, San Dimas

Presented by: Armando Novelo at the Mortgage Brothers

On May 22nd, the Masonic Lodge in San Dimas hosted a groundbreaking event for real estate professionals – “The HOT SEAT” Top Agents Mastermind. This exclusive gathering, brought to you by Armando Novelo at the Mortgage Brothers, featured a panel of renowned real estate experts who shared their invaluable insights and strategies for thriving in today’s competitive market.

Esteemed Panelists include Rudy Lira Kusuma of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Christian Fuented of RE/MAX Top Producers, Robert Cedeno of Cedeno Home Team, and Vanessa Natividad of NRG Team.

These industry leaders, each with a proven track record of success, engaged in dynamic discussions on key topics essential for real estate professionals aiming to stay ahead of the curve.


Key Topics Covered

  • Tactics to Thrive and Stay Ahead of the Market

The panelists discussed innovative tactics and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking approaches.

  • TikTok Marketing

In a session focused on modern marketing techniques, the speakers highlighted the power of TikTok as a platform for reaching a broader audience. They shared tips on creating engaging content that resonates with potential buyers and sellers.

  • Marketing Through Home Tours

Marketing through home tours was another crucial topic. The experts outlined effective methods for showcasing properties, leveraging virtual tours, and creating immersive experiences for prospective buyers.

  • Growing and Building a Team

Building a successful real estate team was at the forefront of the discussion. Panelists shared their experiences and best practices for recruiting, training, and retaining top talent, emphasizing the importance of leadership and culture.

  • Adapting to Changes After NAR Settlement

The panelists delved into the recent changes following the NAR settlement, offering insights on how to adapt and thrive in the new regulatory environment. They provided actionable advice on compliance and strategic adjustments.

  • Working with Buyers: “The Secrets When Working With Buyers: The 7 Proven Strategies to Access HIDDEN INVENTORY Off-Market Unlisted Homes!”

Rudy Lira Kusuma presented his exclusive system for working with buyers, revealing the “7 Proven Strategies to Access HIDDEN INVENTORY Off-Market Unlisted Homes.” This session was a highlight, offering attendees practical techniques to uncover hidden gems in the market and provide exceptional value to their clients.


“The HOT SEAT” Top Agents Mastermind was a resounding success, offering attendees a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights. The event underscored the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the real estate industry. Special thanks to Armando Novelo and the Mortgage Brothers for organizing this impactful event.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events as we continue to empower real estate professionals to achieve new heights of success. To learn more about Rudy Lira Kusuma and his team, please visit www.YourHomeSoldGuaranteed.com


Noah Manuel
Author: Noah Manuel

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