How to Love the Home You Live In

We get it – there are days where you just don’t love the home you live in. Worse, there may be days where you don’t eve like it. Maybe you think it’s too small, or it doesn’t look like the homes in fancy magazines.

But we have a secret – you don’t have to have a perfect home to love the one you live in. If you’re looking for ways to find a new appreciation for the place where you hang your hat, read on.

Keep it tidy

It doesn’t matter how awesome your house is – if it’s a mess, it’ll make anybody feel blue. That goes double for a house you’re struggling to love. One of the first things you can do to warm up to your home is to keep it tidy. Eliminate clutter that has been piling up, donate unused items to charity, and give every room a thorough cleaning. It’s kind of amazing how good a clean house can make you feel.

Stop comparing

Yes, your cousin’s 3,500 square foot house in the country is amazing. And it can be tempting to see everything that she has that you don’t. But the key to happiness in any situation in life is to stop comparing what you have to what others have. Besides, think about how much more time your cousin has to spend cleaning such a large home! Less time cleaning equals more time for the fun things in life.

Find new uses for old things

Maybe your house is giving you a serious case of the blahs. You’ve been looking at the same art on the walls for ages. You haven’t moved the furniture since you moved in five years ago. Now is the time for a change. But, instead of going shopping for new items, take a little “shopping” trip through your own home. When items live in the same place forever, they begin to blend into the background. Switch things up and move art, furniture, pillows and more from one room to another. It can really spice up the energy in your house and remind you of belongings you cherish that you had forgotten about.

Consider the bigger picture

Sometimes you need to remind yourself why you chose your home in the first place. Is it close to work, giving you a wonderfully short commute? Is the backyard huge, with lots of space for the kids to play? Do you live within walking distance of your best friend? Is there a park or a café nearby that you love? Do you have really great neighbors? There are many reasons beyond the physical structure that can make your home a great place to live. Remember those things when you start to feel negative.

Practice gratitude

It’s true in life and it’s true when looking for ways to appreciate your home – practice gratitude. We have so many conveniences and beautiful things in our home that we take for granted, like that cozy quilt you inherited from grandma or the antique chest of drawers from your father’s aunt. Take time to express gratitude for the things you have. You’ll soon find that you’re falling in love with your home all over again.

Author: Kevin

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