Team NuVision Shares Partnership with WorldHarvest to Help Kids around the World

Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team put 300 Kids Back To School


Our team is on a mission to raise $100,000 this year to help kids around the world.” — Rudy L. Kusuma, CEO of TEAM NUVISION – RE/MAX TITANIUM

ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES, / — Team NuVision – Rudy Lira Kusuma Home Selling Team is in partnership with WorldHarvest to help kids around the world, supporting the latter’s mission to help the world through Education, Community, and Media Services. Team NuVision does not only help their clients in tackling the real estate process but also extends their help to others outside of their industry.

WorldHarvest is a humanitarian organization that has been helping people around the world since 1989. Their efforts to impact the world is by providing medical camps, health seminars, creating economic opportunities, and improving community sanitation among others. The organization also sponsors opportunities for children who are in difficult situations.

Those opportunities allow many children around the world to get a proper education, which will lead them on the way to fulfilling their goals and dreams. WorldHarvest exists to empower leaders and to transform their communities through educational scholarships, leadership seminars, and several other training prospects.

WorldHarvest and Team NuVision works have been working together as a partner since 2009. Team NuVision gives back to the community by supporting the mission of WorldHarvest. The team shows its support by helping WorldHarvest in hosting multiple medical camps, several disaster relief efforts, and also provided food for numerous citizens.

According to Rudy L. Kusuma, coming together with WorldHarvest is a start for them to help others to build their dreams. For the many years that passed, WorldHarvest and Team NuVision kept together in their mission and had significantly progressed in many aspects. Both organizations enjoyed success in their respective goals after having worked together for so long.

WorldHarvest and Team NuVision have many accomplishments working together over the years. They have held 19 medical camps, sponsored 15 children, and supply 24 tons of food to countless citizens. They also helped more than 3000 patients as well as kept 1000 South Sudan Refugees fed. Their efforts extend far out of the country to other places in the world that need assistance.

Among the efforts, WorldHarvest and Team NuVision teamed up include the 2011 Somalia Famine Relief, 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief, 2017 South Sudan Relief and Hurricane Harvey Relief, as well as the 2018 Bali, Indonesia Medical Camps, and BOGO Backpack Partner. Team NuVision promises to continue to support the humanitarian efforts of WorldHarvest.

The company also thanks to their clients for supporting the efforts they show on giving back to the society. Seeing that Team NuVision shares their success with the community, many real estate customers come back to hire the company. With that, Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team assures their clients of a consistent real estate expert service.

About the Team NuVision:
Team NuVision – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is a real estate brokerage team offering full real estate consultancy service. The team excels in helping clients navigate through the real estate transaction by providing expert assistance at every step of the process. By involving the clients through the process, Team NuVision empowers clients and keeps them in charge.


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Rudy L Kusuma Home Selling Team partnership with WORLD HARVEST


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