Traditional Real Estate Agent Model is Obsolete


ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, / — According to Rudy L. Kusuma, co-author of the book “Death of Traditional Real Estate Agents,” the traditional real estate agent model is already obsolete in today’s real estate market. Rudy and the members of Team NuVision implement a real estate sales team system to sell homes fast and provide the highest level of service to their clients.

Real estate agents help people buy or sell properties for a reasonable price. Most agents work alone and do their best to provide excellent service to their clients. However, most agents could not really work harder than they are already working. The members of Team NuVision used to do this one-man show, but they found out that their clients suffered from their good intentions. That is why they have restructured their real estate office and changed it into a team system. They have a team of professionals that allow them to be in ten places at once, similar to how lawyers, bankers, and other professionals operate. This has greatly improved their quality of service. The team also uses advanced technology to improve their efficiency, speed, and innovative capabilities. Due to this highly improved service, they can sell their client’s home for a higher price in less time. The team’s extensive home selling experience allows their clients to earn more.

Since the team sells more homes than their competitors, they can offer extra benefits that other agents cannot do. One of these is providing their client’s property with more exposure. Team NuVision – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team has the resources and capability to outspend all other local agents to promote their client’s home. The property will get unparalleled local, national and worldwide exposure, which increases their chances of selling fast and for a higher price.

Rudy, the founder of Team NuVision, has been in the real estate industry for years. He has helped more than 300 homeowners sell their properties fast. No other agent has sold more properties in San Gabriel Valley in the last five years than Rudy has. Most real estate agents only sell six or fewer properties a year. Rudy, on the other hand, consistently sells more than 100 homes yearly. He is also willing to buy a home that doesn’t sell at a reasonable price.

Rudy’s his unique and proven system for selling homes has already received rave reviews from past customers and international acclaim. He has been the Top RE/MAX Agent in the World several times, beating 100,000 agents vying for the top spot.

About Rudy L. Kusuma
Rudy L. Kusuma is an author, a coach and a real estate agent who believes in implementing the real estate sales team system. He has co-authored with Craig Proctor the book “Death of the Traditional Real Estate Salesperson” and with Jack Canfield the best-selling book “The Soul of Success (Vol. II).”


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