Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team To Recruit New Real Estate Agents As Members Of Their Winning Brokerage Team

RE/MAX Agents Outproduce The Competition 2:1


ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, October 2, 2018 / — RE/MAX’s number one real estate brokerage team, Team NuVision, is currently recruiting real estate agents as new members. Besides the good news of possible new team members, Team NuVision is excited to share the latest number of their RE/MAX agents. Their team in Rosemead, California has outproduced the competition 2:1.

The numbers prove it: RE/MAX agents continue to have leading productivity. Here are five facts to know from the 2018 REAL Trends 500 Report.
• RE/MAX agents averaged 17.0 transaction sides, more than double the average of 7.5 for all other agents in the survey.

• RE/MAX was one of only four national franchises with an average exceeding the overall survey average of 8.3 transaction sides per agent.

• Of the 1,752 qualifying brokerages, one-third (565) were affiliated with RE/MAX. The nearest competitor placed 392.

• RE/MAX agents averaged $4.6 million in sales volume, 78% higher than the $2.6 million average of all other agents in the REAL Trends 500 survey.

• With 89, RE/MAX brokerages hold even more of the top 100 spots when all participating brokerages are ranked by average sides per agent.

The REMAX world headquarters ranked the team, Team NuVision – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team, as the #1 real estate sales team in the entire state of California. With this impressive ranking, the team is poised to hire new members to their team and offer plenty of opportunities to aspiring real estate agents.

Team NuVision takes pride in providing real estate agents with many opportunities to grow compared to their competitors. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is known to be the best of the best when it comes to production. Utilizing technology and positive culture, every member of the brokerage team has the means to effective production.

In addition, Team NuVision asserts the fact their agents do not do any prospecting. Unlike other agents, Rudy L. Kusuma and his agents do not perform cold calling, door knocking, or any kind of prospecting. Knowing that this practice is one of the things homeowners hate, the team makes sure never to use these practices.

Instead of prospecting, Team NuVision follows a unique recruiting procedure that the team has proven and tested over the years. Their recruiting process stems from asking fewer questions and taking action. Moreover, they can assist homeowners by employing highly driven agents with good work ethic.

Those two qualities are the top characteristics the Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team looks for in prospective real estate agents. Also, being open-minded and coachable is a plus as it would allow the team to help the new members to yield more than mediocre results. The team is partial to applicants willing to learn and devote time and effort to a career in real estate brokerage.

Fostering a positive culture in their team, Team NuVision has helped many agents succeed in this career. The proof of this is their team always achieving more than the standards they set to themselves, such as placing number one in all real estate sales team in California. The team promises to help their recruits to experience the same success as with their current team.

About Team NuVision:

Team NuVision, also known as Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team, is a real estate brokerage team committed to assisting homeowners to buy and sell the best property deals. The team excels at assisting clients during the entire real estate process, imploring them to keep in charge of finding the best properties in the market.


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Source: 2018 REAL Trends 500 data, citing 2017 transaction sides and sales volume for the 1,752 largest participating U.S. brokerages (ranked by transaction sides).

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