Titanium Real Estate Network Announces Sponsorship for the New Chamber of Commerce in San Gabriel California

Rudy L. Kusuma and Sandy Rosco of San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 26, 2019 /– Recently, Titanium Real Estate Network announced its sponsorship for the new San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce during the 3-day 2019 Q1 Titanium Real Estate Conference. The conference took place in Pasadena, California and the news about the sponsorship was announced by Sandy Rosco, the Executive Director of San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce.

Titanium Real Estate Network has been a long-time community investor of San Gabriel. The CEO and Team Leader of Titanium Real Estate Network, Rudy L. Kusuma, has been working with San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce since 2007. The new San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce includes a new website as well as a social media platform.
Both the new website and social media platform help the businesses throughout the San Gabriel Valley area to connect. It also helps to promote these businesses along with encouraging them to serve the surrounding community. The new SanGabrielHasIt.com website is an excellent opportunity for businesses in San Gabriel to form a community of their own.

Titanium Real Estate Network is one of the businesses that support the new San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce. Through its sponsorship, it can fulfill the company’s core values of doing a mile service as well as serving the community. With Rudy L. Kusuma’s partnership with Titanium Real Estate Network, the company realizes one of its goals to give back to the community.

The new website features an array of businesses and institutions sorted in different categories such as Eat, Shop, & Play, Life & Home, Health, Education, For Business, and Non-Profits. Through the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce, these institutions can connect and develop a network that will support the community.

For Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team, it will give them the opportunity to extend their assistance to other businesses and institutions that may be looking for the service of a real estate agent. As a member of the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce, the team can enjoy a host of fundraisers, networking events, workshops, and other activities that can grow their business.

But more than that, Rudy L. Kusuma is interested in getting to know others in the business field and finding ways to help out the community as thanks for the success of their company. Regarding the new Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Rosco has announced as well as that a ribbon cutting ceremony will happen.

On that note, Rosco said that the date and location of the ceremony are to be announced. When all the details are finalized, the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony is said to invite all elected officials that include the mayor, city councils, city staff, ambassadors, the board of directors, and the businesses, as well as everyone in the community.


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