Team NuVision Chosen as the 2018 Professional Winner Under Real Estate Office by Readers’ Choice SGV

Readers’ Choice SGV Team NuVision Top Favorite Real Estate Office

ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2019 /– Team NuVision, an experienced and highly capable real estate expert, is pleased to announce that they have been selected as the Top Favorite Professional Winner under real estate office category by Readers’ Choice SGV website.

Readers’ Choice provides annual data about the top professionals in different industries. Based on the option of its readers, the website only offers reliable information about the best service providers. For the Real Estate Office category, Team NuVision’s Rudy L. Kusuma is the most favorite.

“Being recognized as the 2018 Professional Winner under real estate office category is an honor. It serves as our inspiration to strive to reach our clients’ high requirements and specific needs. Every year, home buyers and sellers look for something new in the real estate industry. Well, exceeding people’s expectations is hard to do. But with our unmatched commitment, extensive research, and wide expertise, we take great pride in our services. Not only are they available at a competitive rate, but they also cater to many individuals’ needs,” Rudy L. Kusuma said.

“Winning a new award from Readers’ Choice is hard. We didn’t expect to be the most favorite expert among a large base of audience. The support and love from our clients have been overflowing since then. That’s why we will never lose hope to stay updated with the trend, develop our services, and deliver custom solutions among our target market,” Kusuma added.

“Buying a new home is complicated. Selling an existing property is no exception. This is particularly true with conventional real estate buying and selling. Team NuVision provides guided and smooth journey to our valued clients. While we shorten the adventure, we maximize outstanding results. We take great pride in our wide database. We approximately have 35,000 home sellers and buyers. So, turning clients’ goals into a reality is possible,” Kusuma further added.

Team NuVision’s Rudy L. Kusuma is quite overwhelmed to be recognized for their efforts. They are thankful to Readers’ Choice, especially to people who have supported them. With the recognition from the trusted website, the company remains committed to incorporate innovation, quality, integrity, and excellence into all their services.

About Team NuVision’s Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team:

Team NuVision caters to those who are looking for a real estate expert that has expertise in home selling and buying. The company has been changing the traditional real estate selling and buying to a modern and comfortable one. What makes them different from the competition is that they consider their clients’ needs. They have an attention to detail, and they never take shortcuts.


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