Covid-19 and You: Solutions to Overcome Virus-Inflicted Housing Crisis

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2020, Covid-19 and the aftermath of the destruction of our economy will be felt for a while until a miracle happens. One can only hope. Even though hope is not a strategy, it is a side effect that clients experience when they have Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty by their side.

Rudy Lira Kusuma, CEO at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, has created a culture of service of time, energy, effort, education, and knowledge. “One of our core values is providing Second-Mile Service. We do the heavy lifting and provide our clients with the guidance and expertise they’re looking for regarding their real estate transactions”.

What happens often, and we’ve seen this throughout history, is the battle between the good guys and the bad guys. Unsuspecting people put their trust in someone with bad intentions. They are promised help, for a fee, and then somewhere along the line, things don’t work out, leaving people in worse situations than before.

Always thinking outside of the box, Rudy found the best attorneys to be part of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty’s Legal Team to provide valuable services for clients. Clients are entitled to telephone consultations and documents review with a licensed attorney for unlimited, non-dispute matters at no cost to the client. This Second-Mile Service is part of YHSGR VIP Seller Benefits. Clients will continue to receive mediation services at no charge if a dispute arises after the transaction is complete.

Real Estate transactions are overwhelming to the consumer without a crisis. The current economic conditions only amplify their justified concern. Sometimes people make uninformed decisions because there’s too much information to sift through and make sense of it. YHSGR is committed to helping people find solutions that best meet their needs. There is no other Real Estate company that is armed with the programs to help distressed property owners.

YHSGR has a solution for any Real Estate desire or dilemma. Sellers can choose from three options:

1. The CoVid Seller Relief Program provides the most flexibility with the least amount of hassle. This is perfect for clients that need to sell fast to avoid an imminent foreclosure.
2. Guaranteed Sale Trade-Up Program where the Catch-22 of owning two homes or none at all is eliminated. The homeowner has no concerns with this option as the sale of their home is guaranteed before finding their new home. It is very similar to trading in your car to get a shiny new one.
3. RBID Home Selling System, the proprietary program that strategically positions the home onto the open market to create buyer demand. This can garner multiple offers within the first 15 minutes of the 1-hour tour.

Never before has there been one Real Estate company that offers homeowners multiple ways to move forward from their existing circumstances so they can create a new one. YHSGR is the answer to all of your unexpected housing issues. Knowing this, doesn’t it give you hope that everything will be alright?

Susan Chace
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