Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty: The Real Estate Office of The Future Innovate During The COVID Economy to Help the Consumers

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“The biggest problem I found is consumers had limited options after Covid-19 changed the way we live. Companies that people grew accustomed to closed and the Real Estate Industry saw devastating effects for start-up tech darlings as well as legacy companies,” said Rudy.

ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2020, Many homeowners and renters are in a somber dilemma that came out of nowhere. With each day the Covid-19 Pandemic charges on and the states are slow to open back up, most people either can’t pay their rent or their mortgage because they aren’t allowed to work. Lenders for short and long term credit have been modifying their repayment policies to help with the sudden onset of zero cash flow. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned efforts fall short. In times of financial crisis, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty has been there for you with sensible housing solutions and we’re here now.

Rudy Kusuma launched is real estate team system during the housing crash of 2008, which later evolved to be The Real Estate Office of The Future – YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY (YHSGR). When other brokerages were shocked and contracted at the turn of events, Rudy created a no-nonsense, systematic approach to offer distressed homeowners a way to salvage their livelihood, unload a daunting mortgage burden, and get to a better place.

In the years leading up to the present-day dystopia, people had enough time to rebound from the 2008 housing disaster and the Real Estate industry as a whole was in a good place. The economy was better than it had been in prior years, and it looked like 2020 was going to be the breakout year for exceeding goals and expectations. Through the wisdom that Rudy gained in 2008, he continued to prepare for another inevitable crisis so that YHSGR would be in the housing frontline to serve the community.

“The biggest problem I found is consumers had limited options after Covid-19 changed the way we live. Companies that people grew accustomed to closed and the Real Estate Industry saw devastating effects for start-up tech darlings as well as legacy companies,” said Rudy.

YHSGR was ahead of its time, being the Real Estate Company of the Future in the past, and continues to outshine every other brokerage in Southern California today. Behind the What and the Who is the Why. Rudy has made it his mission to help people achieve their heart’s desire. Even when someone is in financial pain, their heart desires to be out of pain. All they want to do is to get away from what’s causing their misery. Through Rudy’s unwavering leadership, YHSGR’s extensive training teaches agents how to handle not just the average purchase and sale of properties, but the worst-case scenarios, such as helping homeowners avoid foreclosures or navigating the delicate transaction of a divorcing couple.

Through Rudy’s ongoing outreach efforts, he has developed many strategic and inventive options to help any homeowner be on the winning side of a crisis. During an economic disaster, people are naturally worried about their future, their loved ones and how to handle the unknown. It is times like this where people reevaluate their priorities and seek professional advice. Always looking to find ways to serve the community, YHSGR rose to the occasion and filled the hole where other companies fell.

Spanning the southland, YHSGR currently offers our unique all-encompassing Guaranteed Sales Program (GSP) for homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. The GSP is successful because of the results-driven system combined with an innovative method. Underlying every GSP is the proprietary, signature RBID Home Selling System. RBID is the most comprehensive home selling system that helps sellers in any economy. What differentiates RBID is the natural demand amongst the buyers that the auction-style open house creates. Sellers will need to do some preparation and allow accessibility for Buyers to view, allowing YHSGR to position the home in the marketplace, giving the Seller the highest chance of receiving multiple offers to pick the best one.

Buy This Home and I’ll Buy Yours is the exclusive method used with all the GSP as it solves the perplexing Real Estate Catch-22. With tighter lending parameters due to Covid-19, many would-be Buyers who want to upsize or downsize are deciding not to make any move, which leaves the Sellers stuck in their home. Together, both YHSGR and Seller agree to use the RBID Home Selling System, which guarantees the sale of the home. The Seller can confidently make an offer on their new home and not worry about being stuck with two mortgages or left without a home.

With the Buy This Home and I’ll Buy Yours method in mind, here are the other Guaranteed Sales Programs that alleviate the Seller’s concerns and provide attractive options during Covid-19 and beyond. The Buyers are all Investors and transactions are finished within 30 days or less. All Cash Offers are Guaranteed as fast as 24 hours. After the Investors own the home, they will prepare the home to resell to the general public. In most cases, any profits after the Investor meets their net, will be given to the Seller! What this means for you is a seamless, stress-free way to sell your home no matter what the current crisis is.

Covid-19 Seller Protection Program: There will always be people who are financially prepared for devastating times. These are the Investors that are in prime position to rescue a distressed homeowner. It is a mutually beneficial transaction and it’s called the Covid-19 Seller Protection Plan. With more than 250 Real Estate investors partnering with YHSGR, we can help motivated Sellers who need to sell their homes and move onto the next phase of their lives. There is no need for Sellers to leave their home, no preparation, no open houses, and no hassle. The best part is Sellers are Guaranteed a Cash Offer in 24 Hours! It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Easy Out Program: Change in circumstances usually spark homeowners to evaluate their financial portfolio. They may be in a stable position and not on the verge of losing their home, but the shift in economy may have cast some doubt on their long-term plan. Easy Out Program is the newest solution YHSGR provides for Sellers to resolve their dilemma of selling with no hassle or inconvenience, yet capturing the equity. Sellers are looking for a quick sale for top dollar. Investors factor in their financial risk when purchasing any property and with the Easy Out Program, Sellers will receive a Market Value Cash Offer. Sellers are not required to purchase another home.

Trade-In Program: Today’s calamity compounds the unnerving prospect of selling a home. YHSGR offers a Trade-In Program for Sellers, which eliminates the problem of missing out on a dream home because there wasn’t a buyer to make an offer. With the Trade-In Program, you can rest assured knowing that your home is sold before you buy your new one. Again, the Investors will buy the home with cash so the Seller will have funds to complete the transaction on the other home. The Trade-In Program is ideal for the Seller who is looking to purchase another home in a short time frame.

Lastly, YHSGR has responded to the ever-evolving effects of the current contagion by creating a Covid-19 Buyer Protection Plan. We understand that buyer’s remorse could happen anytime and possibly even more during a pandemic, so we stand by our 24-Month Guarantee to alleviate any apprehension. If you don’t absolutely love your new home, We’ll Buy It Back, or Sell It For Free!

Finding mindful solutions to assist both Buyers and Sellers in achieving their heart’s desire, is the intention that drives Rudy’s pioneering efforts and inventive approaches. For more information, call the office at 626-789-0159 or visit

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