Tax and Asset Protection Workshop

Tax and Asset Protection Workshop


Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty VIP Clients Investors: Don’t leave your life’s work vulnerable to overpaid taxes and frivolous lawsuits!


Discover how to use advanced entity structuring to LOWER your taxes to the legal minimum, PROTECT everything you’re building, invest ANONYMOUSLY for greater asset protection, and streamline your investing as a business for more financing options and fewer lender declines. Join Clint Coons & Toby Mathis, Esqs. — nationally-renowned asset protection and tax attorneys, successful real estate investors, and founding partners at the firm Anderson Business Advisors — to offer our members critical online training, completely FREE. Register for the Tax and Asset Protection Workshop Online now at (Click Here)



Your assets are precious. Protecting them from excessive taxes and lawsuits is one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make. Show up on Saturday, November 20th for a full day of FREE online training with the expert tax & asset protection attorneys at Anderson Business Advisors (who are also active real estate investors with decades of experience). Founding partner attorneys Clint Coons and Toby Mathis, Esqs. will show our investors how to use entity structures for maximum profitability, fundability, and privacy, and a WHOLE lot more. Register now for the Tax & Asset Protection Workshop Online for advanced real estate strategies now!


If You Want to Win, You Need These Real Estate Strategies!


Many real estate investors understand a limited liability company is the preferred entity to hold their investments; however, your LLC’s tax election can make or break your sale.

We would like to invite you to join us alongside Clint Coons and Toby Mathis, Esqs., expert asset protection attorneys & active real estate investors with 21 years of experience, at an upcoming workshop for real estate investors.


This event is packed with actionable takeaways to LOWER your taxes to the legal minimum and MAXIMIZE your profits, fundability, and privacy:

  • Structuring your assets for increased financing options and fewer lender declines
  • Harnessing the power of your retirement account to do more deals, faster
  • Mitigating risk while aggressively building your business
  • Taking advantage of the corporate Tax Code to slash taxes as low as legally possible (the average client saves $12,000)
  • Optimizing cash flow with entity secrets your CPA or lawyer haven’t told you
  • Becoming “legally invisible” so potential creditors won’t even consider suing you
  • Building a steel cage around your assets so your wealth is bulletproof

Register NOW for a full day of high-quality info straight from real estate attorneys. Then, prepare your specific questions to get the most out of this complimentary training event. (Click Here)




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