Stay At Home Mom Nataly Morfin fulfills her dream of becoming a real estate associate by joining YHSGR

After completing her pre-licensing real estate education, Nataly Morfin is on track to helping families with world-class real estate solutions by joining California’s top real estate company.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 — Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty (YHSGR) is pleased to announce their newest member to the team, Nataly Morfin, who has completed the pre-licensing real estate education with flying colors.

Nataly Morfin, a shining example of how a person can achieve anything if they put their heart into it, is now a certified distressed property expert poised to help families facing challenging situations such as foreclosures.



Recalling her journey, she said, “I was always fascinated with the idea of becoming a real estate agent, but I put that dream to the side to help my husband grow his electrical business. After my son was born, the passion inside of me was reignited, and I was determined not to let that dream fall again. However, studying online courses was a step in the wrong direction as there was no interaction or anywhere to answer my questions. When I lost hope, an associate from Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty took me under her wing and guided me on what it would take to become a successful agent.”

“It all started with a small idea when my husband and I were purchasing our first home together right before we got married. We were right out of college and had no idea how to make such a purchase. What we did know was that we did not want to pay someone’s mortgage by renting. We were lucky enough to find a real estate agent that helped guide us through our first purchase. The importance of someone who was knowledgeable about the home buying process was priceless to us.”

She then regularly started to attend sessions by the brokerage held on Mondays at 6 pm for crash courses and started getting her questions answered. Nataly added, “Once I started learning more about how they help people with their home selling/home buying process, I was determined to be part of their team. The agents’ quality, what they produce, and how they go above and beyond for their clients amazed me. My goal was to join their team and help people like them. Mondays soon became my favorite days. Not only did attending every Monday create motivation, but it helped me understand the material much easier. The fact that YHSGR made access to anyone for free was a huge blessing for someone like myself.”

The training for real estate professionals at YHSGR is very comprehensive, with students expected to complete a checklist of things to prepare them to deal with clients. It entails watching about 200 sessions at YHSGR University, meeting with affiliates, and passing scripts to know how to engage with clients, including the ‘guarantees cash offers’ programs, which make YHSGR different from other brokerages. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty daily training and mentorship programs also guide real estate professionals on how to deal with the changing dynamics of the market.

“Once I learned more about how Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty help families with their home selling/home buying process I was determined to be part of their team. The quality of agents and what they produce and how they go above and beyond for their clients just wowed me. I made it my goal not only to join their team but to help people just like they were. Mondays soon became my favorite days. Not only did attending every Monday create motivation but it helped me understand the material much easier. The fact that YHSGR made the accessible to anyone for free was a huge blessing for someone like myself. Before I came across them I was losing my motivation in acquiring my real estate license and felt lost in what would happen after getting that license. One day, Sophie invited me to an event that YHSGR was hosting for their agents. It was an event to celebrate top agents and their accomplishments in the quarter. I attended the event not knowing anyone but was happy to finally meet some of the agents that Sophie would speak about that were doing so well in the company. I met a couple of agents and misled a bit but I think the highlight of the evening was the amount of agents that thanked Rudy and the team. The agents seemed to be thankful at the training system that was provided to them daily by YHSGR. They spoke about loving what they did because they got to help many people along the way. This resonated with me so much. Not only had I found a brokerage that was going to train me daily to be the best agent I could be but I was going to be able to help others along the way. It was that moment that I knew I belonged with those agents and wanted to be up there just like them one day.”

She was able to pass the exam thanks to her sheer hard work. “When I passed my real estate exam, I had tears because I knew I would soon be a part of YHSGR. Not only did I pass my exam sooner than I had anticipated, but I knew I would join a brokerage that would prepare me. I wanted to give a special shout-out to YHSGR associate Jackie and YHSGR growth manager Sophie because I felt that if I had not come across YHSGR and the Monday crash courses, I would have probably still been on book 1 of the real estate courses, unmotivated and lost in the process. I can’t express enough how YHSGR has changed my outlook on my future. Not only did they help me with pre-licensing, but they are preparing everyday post-license. I see that my future is bright, and I can’t thank the team at YHSGR enough.” She continued.

“I soon joined Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and was amazed at the daily training they provide to their agents. Not only do they train their agents to be well equipped but they provide so much support. As a new agent, it can be very overwhelming to go into a field that holds so much responsibility over someone’s decision to purchase and sell a home. However, I find that is not the case with me, I am getting equipped by top people every day. When joining YHSGR every agent must complete was is called a checklist. It is a list of things that must be done before dealing with clients. It entails watching about 200 tutorial sessions on YHSGR home selling systems, meeting with affiliates, passing scripts to know how to engage with clients. Practicing and roleplaying a presentation that will be delivered to our clients. Most importantly we are trained on the guarantees we offer which are what makes us different from other brokerages. The daily trainings consist of how to write offers and contracts etc. these are important aspects of dealing with transactions. If we can’t fill out important documents then something is bound to fall through the cracks and essentially affect the client. Important trainings that I think YHSGR offer is how to deal with the changing market. The approach in selling or buying homes is different as we enter new markets, economic changes etc. which is something that we are seeing today. This is a skill many agents don’t seem to know.”

Recently Nataly Morfin completed the distressed property certification training; a one-day training to help families who are facing financial distressed in 2023 real estate market. Because of the session, she learned all about helping homeowners on the verge of foreclosure find a way to come out on the other side at a difficult time in their lives.

Now she works to give her clients hope that in 2 to 3 years, they can own a home again if desired, instead of having a ding on their credit for 7 to 10 years if they had filed for bankruptcy or foreclosure. She is proud to be advocating for families and individuals who are losing their homes on top of going through an event that led them to be financially tough.

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