YHSGR University Has Expanded Its Library of Resources to Help Real Estate Professionals Get Through A Tough Economy

Leading Real Estate Brokerage YHSGR University just added the Dale Carnegie Course, the Think And Grow Rich Course and the #1 Sales Training Course by Grant Cardone.

ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2023 — To help associates improve at their craft, California’s leading real estate brokerage, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, has expanded its vast library of resources to include transformation courses, such as Dale Carnegie Course, Think And Grow Rich Course, and Cardone University the #1 Sales Training Courses by Grant Cardone.


Associates will access these exclusive tools, systems, and sales training segments round the clock via the YHSGR University, which aims to help hundreds of associates install high-income reduced effort systems and secure their wealth with millionaire agent coaching in real estate. The program also features one-on-one top 1% in the industry mentorship so they can go further faster in 2023.

Speaking on the program, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty CEO Rudy Lira Kusuma said, “The biggest issue with real estate agents today in them not getting much business is lack of customer care, sales, negotiating and closing skills. Fortunately, I had mentors way early in my business life, and they told me to get up and get better every day. Not by practicing on the prospects but by investing in bettering myself daily with customer care, sales, negotiating, and closing skills. So early AM and late PM, I followed their advice, and decades later, I’m still at it, every day…”


This rigorous effect helped fast-tracked his career and made him one of the youngest billion-dollar agents in the market’s history. Now he wants to help his associates improve the same way he did so they, too, can go on to achieve their goals.

He explained the process, “The importance of training every day can’t be overstated. If you set out to make a documentary about the top athletes, the top commissioned salespeople, and the top CEOs, you would find a simple commonality; they were obsessed with their craft and worked on it every day. To get ahead, associates must commit daily to training at YHSGR University.”


Associates looking to start can go to the YHSGR University website and enter their username and password. The website has an easy-to-use interference with features such as click start training which lets people track progress. They can get started with the sales and new hire training modules and selling basic certification training.

Besides these modules, people get access to over 800+ video courses that cover tools to get more listings.

In addition to their YHSGR Home Selling System training, over 200 segments on their “Inside Sales Agents” and “Outside Sales Agents” advanced workshops are on ‘working with buyers’ and ‘working with sellers’ systems.


The program is also big on accountability, with the progress of each associate being tracked regularly to help motivate people to complete the courses.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Sales Manager, Hazel Tubayan, added, “For people who say they don’t have the time, start listening to the resources while driving around town. People will now be able to see all of Grant Cardone sales training segments 24/7 with unlimited access at YHSGR University. Turn off the music or news and invest in yourself!”

The agency is so confident in its skills training and business building coaching to help agents thrive in this tough economy that they have made an open challenge to people who could show them one better than they would donate $5,000 toward the charity of their choice.

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