Rudy Kusuma Latest Book: “DISCOVER A BIG LIFE IN A SMALLER HOME: The Formula for Selling Homes Fast and for More Money!”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2023 — Rudy Lira Kusuma, a renowned real estate expert and bestselling author, has released his latest book, DISCOVER A BIG LIFE IN A SMALLER HOME: Discover The Formula Successful Real Estate Agents Use To Sell Homes Fast For More Money! This groundbreaking publication offers valuable insights and expert advice for homeowners considering downsizing and selling their homes.


As children grow up and move out, many homeowners find themselves in large, underutilized spaces. Rudy Lira Kusuma’s book aims to empower readers to make informed decisions about their living arrangements, emphasizing the financial and practical benefits of downsizing. Whether readers opt for a smaller single-family home or a senior living community, the book explores the myriad opportunities and cost savings associated with this transition.


DISCOVER A BIG LIFE IN A SMALLER HOME provides readers with a comprehensive guide to downsizing. Within its pages, readers will discover how to envision their future in a new home, strategies for selling their current property at the highest possible price, and explore various housing options tailored to their changing needs. The book also equips readers with knowledge to protect themselves from potential real estate scams and pitfalls.



Key takeaways from DISCOVER A BIG LIFE IN A SMALLER HOME include:

  • The Benefits of Selling: Gain insights into the advantages of selling your home and navigate the decision-making process with confidence.
  • Your Housing Options: Learn how to assess your needs versus wants, explore housing alternatives, and find the perfect home for your future.
  • Sales Techniques: Discover proven techniques for setting an optimal listing price, effectively marketing your home, and skillfully negotiating deals.
  • Negotiation Tips: Master the art of negotiation and make informed decisions during selling and buying transactions to secure the best possible outcomes.


Rudy Lira Kusuma has earned a stellar reputation in the real estate industry, thanks to his extensive knowledge and exceptional track record. With over two decades of experience, he has helped numerous clients achieve their real estate goals, earning accolades for his professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.


DISCOVER A BIG LIFE IN A SMALLER HOME is a must-read for homeowners looking to downsize and embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle. Rudy Lira Kusuma’s expertise shines through the pages, offering practical guidance and empowering readers to make informed choices that align with their needs and aspirations.


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About Rudy Lira Kusuma:
Rudy Lira Kusuma is a distinguished author and real estate expert with a proven track record of success. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he is renowned for his exceptional service, innovative marketing strategies, and commitment to helping clients achieve their real estate goals. Rudy is also the CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, a highly acclaimed real estate company serving clients in California. He is passionate about empowering homeowners with the knowledge and tools they need to make sound real estate decisions. Rudy can be reached online at

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