Rebecca Xu Completes Certified Pre-Owned Home™ (CPO) Agent Certification at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

Rebecca Xu, a distinguished real estate professional at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, has recently obtained certification as a Certified Pre-Owned Home™ (CPO) agent. This certification enables Rebecca Xu to offer a suite of exclusive benefits to clients in the San Gabriel Valley Area and the Inland Empire Area, enhancing their real estate experience.

The Certified Pre-Owned Home™ program provides unparalleled advantages to both buyers and sellers, streamlining the transaction process and ensuring peace of mind. Key benefits include:

  1. Certified Pre-Owned Home™: Properties are marketed as Certified Pre-Owned Homes™, resulting in faster sales, higher selling prices, and reduced hassle for all parties involved.
  2. Prelisting Inspections: Homes undergo comprehensive inspections by certified professionals before listing, allowing sellers to address any issues proactively and facilitating a smoother transaction.
  3. Seller and Buyer Warranties: Both sellers and buyers receive home warranties, offering additional protection throughout the transaction and beyond.
  4. Buy Back Guarantee: Buyers of Certified Pre-Owned Homes™ benefit from an exclusive 24-month buy-back guarantee, providing added assurance and value.
  5. Advanced Marketing: Properties receive extensive exposure through high-definition 360° Matterport tours, professional HDR photography with aerial drone shots, and virtual home staging.
  6. Concierge Service: Sellers can access pay-at-closing home improvement solutions, resulting in increased sale prices and faster project completion.
  7. Certified Leak-Free Roof: Roof inspections and certifications are conducted by licensed professionals, ensuring the integrity of the property.

In addition to these benefits, Rebecca Xu offers complimentary appraisals for both buyers and sellers, further simplifying the transaction process and ensuring a smooth closing.

With a career spanning since 2014 in the real estate industry, Rebecca Xu is known for her dedication to excellence and commitment to client success. Fluent in English, Chinese, and Cantonese, she provides personalized service tailored to meet the diverse needs of her clientele.

For expert guidance in real estate transactions, Rebecca Xu can be reached at 626-759-3561 or via email at More information about Rebecca Xu and her services is available on her agent landing page: Rebecca Xu – Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty.

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