Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Celebrates Over $500M Sold in First Half of 2021

The award-winning brokerage held a banquet to recognize the work of its staff for their milestone achievement.


ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 4, 2021 — In keeping with their tradition of celebrating team members achievements, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty held a Q2 2021 Awards Banquet to recognize its staff and sales team for breaking $500M in sales so far this year.

“We are in an absolutely crazy and challenging real estate market, yet our agents continue smash sales goals, surpassing half a billion dollars in sales in just the first half of the year.” Said YHSGR CEO Rudy Lira Kusuma. “We are extremely proud of everyone on our teams for this accomplishment and were happy to be able to recognize top contributors at our quarterly banquet that we held on July 31st.”

According to Kusuma, the banquet is the brokerage’s opportunity to highlight accomplishments, continue a corporate commitment to fellowship, and reinforce the company value of taking a “mastermind” approach to navigating difficult real estate markets, like the one the industry is currently experiencing.

When asked what strategies helped their team achieve record sales numbers, one YHSGR awards banquet attendee noted that the company’s systems and culture of giving were big contributors to making it over the goal line. “In terms of systems, we have the very best marketing and prospecting programs that are proven and systematized so our agents can spend more time doing what they do best—selling and delivering on client expectations.”

“As far as our culture, we follow the motto of ‘Go Serve Big! When you put others first, you will never be second!’ and this makes all the difference to inspire us to do our best so that we can continue to positively impact communities around us.”

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty recently revealed that a portion of every sale an agent makes goes to the agent’s charity of choice, a decision that ladders up to the brokerage’s ultimate goal of being the most charitable real estate agency in North America.

“This year we are on a mission to raise $100,000 for CHLA” Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty


“Thank you Rudy and YHSGR for this Award, I’m honored to be here among TOP PRODUCERS and to be part of this amazing organization. The truth is it wasn’t easy to get here and to sit at the same table with Big Dawgs of YHSGR but I know hard work and determination pays off. My first 6 months in the company were a little tough as I was struggling to learn everything but there was never a thought in my mind of quitting. I think a lot of people quit too quickly too soon these days. My message for new agents who struggle would be “JUST DON’T QUIT”. You never know how close you are to the top. In Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we have the system laid out every day, we just need to follow the system and trust the process. It will happen! We heard so many amazing stories today, how we lift each other up, how we learn from each other and share our knowledge every day to better serve our clients, how to really change their lives for the better. I’m truly blessed to be part of YHSGR. Today it’s the celebration of hard work and the reminder why we do what we do – TO SERVE OTHERS. I want to thank all my clients for their trust, without them I wouldn’t be here today, THANK YOU!” – Zdenek Tronicek, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA.

“JUST DON’T QUIT” Zdenek Tronicek


“I’m honored to be part of the most successful, forward thinking realty company in North America. The key element to this opening line is we all enjoy what we’re doing and continually look for ways to better ourselves while taking time to assist each other. The number one aspect of sales is exposure and here at YHSGR we are exposed continually to new ideas and angles that will help push our efforts to stay at the top of the industry. All these different options can be overwhelming for us to incorporate as individuals but this is where our ‘team’ shines above other companies in that we all take a few of these options and try them. However, we share what works the best for us! And we benefit from our ‘team’ peers trying other options and sharing their experience. At YHSGR we train daily to better serve our clients. This training inspires our ‘team’ to go the second mile which assures our clients achieve their hearts desire! This becomes a continual cycle of happy clients who readily give us 5 star reviews, referrals and by utilizing the follow-up systems we’ve been taught we have lifetime clients. It’s a GROWING LIST that all of us here today benefit from. Again, I’m honored to be here with you all today – sincere thanks to each of you.” – Ron Bone, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty in Coachella Valley, CA.

At YHSGR we train daily to better serve our clients” Ron Bone


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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty’s (YHSGR) mission is to positively impact the lives of people, through second mile service, innovative systems, and charitable giving. The brokerage continues to be one of the most successful and fastest growing agencies in North America and notably achieved over $1B in sales during the height of the global pandemic.

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