How to Beat Out Other Buyers to the Hottest New Listings

It sounds simple, but many home buyers really do not have a firm idea of what they’re looking for in a home before they go out house hunting. Most people have two different homes in mind, the one that meets their needs and the one that fulfills their desires. Your goal is to find a home that will do both. As you search for this perfect home, you will fall in love with certain homes for different reasons.

You’ll find yourself asking, is it better to buy that four bedroom home with room for your family to grow or the one with the in ground pool and hot tub or would it be better to have a big backyard or be closer to schools and shopping. These, among others, are important questions to ask. Far too many people buy a home for the wrong reasons. To help you avoid making a mistake the realtor who gave you this video offers a Buyer Profile System or a House Hunter Service, which takes all the guesswork out of finding the right home that matches your needs.

This program cross matches your home buying criteria with all the available homes on the market. You’re supplied with all the homes that match what you are looking for on an ongoing basis. So, before you begin searching for your perfect home, make a list of what you absolutely need in your new home and another list of what you would absolutely want. This will help you in two ways. First, this process puts you in control. Since you’re picking out the homes you want to see and are of interest to you.

These are homes that have been cross-referenced to match your home buying criteria. Second, you will not waste time looking for homes above or below your price range. From this starting point, you and your realtor can develop your home buying strategy. All the best and good luck with your home search.

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