Shawn Hays Achieves YHSGR Power Buyer and YHSGR Advantage Sellers Solutions Certifications at YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY

YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY is proud to announce that Shawn Hays has completed the esteemed YHSGR Power Buyer and YHSGR Advantage Sellers Solutions certifications. This significant achievement underscores Shawn’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch real estate services to clients.

Unparalleled Benefits for Consumers with YHSGR Advantage:

  • Streamlined Offers in One Marketplace: Shawn harnesses the power of YHSGR Advantage to bring together multiple offers from various providers, simplifying the home buying and selling process into one accessible marketplace.
  • Expert Personalized Guidance: Shawn’s dedication to guiding clients through the selection of the best real estate options tailored to their individual needs stands reinforced with these certifications.
  • Confident and Informed Closures: With YHSGR Advantage, clients can approach the closing of deals with greater confidence, knowing they have a certified expert to lead them through the best path for their specific situation.

Enhanced Seller Solutions:

  • Open Market Access: Utilizing our RBID home selling system, Shawn now has access to YHSGR’s extensive 57,000 buyers-in-waiting database, offering unparalleled exposure to potential buyers.
  • Instant Sale Option: Shawn provides an efficient solution for sellers seeking a quick and hassle-free home sale.
  • Modern Bridge Solution: Clients can secure their next home before selling their current one, thanks to Shawn’s advanced handling of such transactions.
  • Listing Concierge Services: With pre-sale home renovation services, Shawn enhances the market appeal of properties, adding value to the selling process.

Advanced Buyer Solutions:

  • Tailored Mortgage Financing: Shawn assists buyers in exploring effective home financing options, particularly suited for those with good credit and savings.
  • Competitive Cash Offers: Clients can make their bids more competitive with Shawn’s ability to transform offers into non-contingent cash offers.
  • Homeownership Accelerator Program: This program allows Shawn’s clients to use rent payments to build equity towards owning their home.

YHSGR Power Buyer’s Innovative Features:

  • Cash Buy Options: Shawn can now facilitate cash purchases, removing common barriers and enhancing the likelihood of securing dream homes.
  • Cash Buy Before Sell: This option caters to clients who are navigating simultaneous buying and selling, providing a more streamlined and less stressful experience.

“Shawn Hays’s accomplishment in gaining these certifications is a big leap forward for our team, enhancing our ability to serve our clients with advanced and customized real estate solutions,” says Lori Hintz, managing broker manager of YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY. “We are excited about the heightened level of service and expertise that Shawn now brings to our valued clients.”

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Noah Manuel
Author: Noah Manuel

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