How THE RIGHT Real Estate Agent Can Net You MORE MONEY

For most people the sale of their home is one of the 5 most important financial transactions of their life. So, when it comes time for you to choose a real estate agent you will trust to handle the sale of your home, you will need to choose very carefully. We will be sharing with you good and timely information on the home selling process, so you can make the best possible decisions when selling your home. You’ll realize that you’re lucky to be selling a home here in our area because you can hire this local real estate professional, who’s system of selling homes is designed to get clients more money, in less time, with less hassle.

You may be thinking to yourself; how does this real estate agent success benefit me? Well, the bottom line is their success means your success. Because they sell a lot more homes in the area than their competitors, financially they can do more and spend more money to advertise and market your home. Including offering you innovative consumer programs that not only make your home selling process easier, but are designed to increase what you get in your pocket when your home is sold.

It may surprise you to learn that 69% of home sellers do not go back with their past real estate agent to do another transaction. Some of the top reasons that people cite as to why they wouldn’t include poor communication, the agent promised a selling price or speed of sale that was unrealistic. Another complaint is that the agent wasn’t experienced or perhaps was less experienced than he or she represented themselves to be and it later became apparent. The agent wasted a lot of the client’s time showing the home to a lot of unqualified buyers.

And many complained that the agent didn’t do enough, didn’t advertise, didn’t get the home presented to other agents and he or she basically just stuck a sign in the lawn and placed it on the Multiple Listing Service. If you’re thinking that your choice of agent really isn’t that important, consider this, according to statistics gathered from the local real estate board, on average, only this many properties that were listed actually sold within the term of the agent’s listing contract.

That leaves many homeowners disappointed at not having their home sold. However, during the same time period, this agent and their team sold this many of their listings. What I call a track record of success. For viewers who want to move forward and discuss the sale of their home or at the very least get more information at no cost or obligation, please contact the realtor and their team directly at the telephone number and website provided.



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Noah Manuel
Author: Noah Manuel

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