Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty hosted the 2-day RBID Home Selling System Workshop in February 2023

Your Listings Will Sell Faster and for More Money with RBID’s Auction Effect System! 2-Day Advanced Workshop on How to Create a Greater Perception of Value Around Your Listings for Faster Sales in 2023.

ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2023 — Leading real estate brokerage, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, recently hosted a 2-day RBID Home Selling Workshop on February 16-17, 2023, to help real estate agents and broker associates navigate the dynamic real estate landscape and offer world-class customer services to homeowners in 2023.

The training was conducted by Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty associate Michelle Leonardi who shared her experience and knowledge with the team to help home owners who are thinking of selling in 2023. The workshop was attended by hundreds of agents and covered the RBID home selling auction-like system in detail. RBID properties which includes to Bank owned, Pre-foreclosures, Corporate owned, Owner Transfers, Builder Closeouts, New Homes, New Constructions, and Divorce Sales, present unique opportunities that real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty can offer its VIP clients.

“We are the exclusive managing broker for RBID properties. RBID stands for Realty Bid Systems. This system is designed to create a greater perception of value for prospective buyers and buyers agents. Each RBID home carries a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee that guarantees the Buyers satisfaction with the purchase of their home. If they are not satisfied within a full 24 months of purchase, we will resell the property for free. RBID homes also come with a 12 month home warranty against defects as well,” said Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty CEO Rudy Lira Kusuma. “Better yet, buyers can not make offers on RBID homes, they bid on them through a unique and hassle free auction-like bid system. To qualify for this auction like sales system, your home must be a very good value – this is usually accomplished simply by just eliminating any negotiating or speculation room to insure an aggressive asking price. You reserve the right to reject any bids unacceptable to you” he added.


The workshop taught how agents could leverage Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee for RBID home with the purchase of their home. Associates can offer their clients the guarantee that If they are unsatisfied within 24 months of purchase, they resell the property for free. RBID homes come with a 12-month home warranty against defects as well. Buyers bid on houses through a unique and hassle-free auction-like bidding system.


Speaking on occasion, its Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty managing broker manager Lori Hintz said, “A lot of real estate agents are struggling to close deals because they lack proven systems and tools like the RBID Home Selling System. Our workshop aimed to teach real estate agents and broker associates how to leverage it to help more families in 2023. Buyers also win with the system as all buyer’s contingencies get removed with complete disclosures and NHD, Home Inspection, etc.”

The training session discussed various marketing tactics associates could utilize to achieve results. This included outside-the-property sale signs, flyers, and USP business cards. Moreover, it discussed the importance of profile optimization on sites like Zillow and YELP, as well as using digital marketing avenues like virtual tours on YouTube.

To further facilitate associates, the realty has a database with over 97,000 buyers-in-waiting and also utilizes property cross-search with buyers-in-waiting to help close sales.


RBID Home Selling System 2023 – Why It’s Necessary:
• Create an Auction Effect for your Listings Using the Only Real Estate Home Selling System that Automatically Creates a Greater Perception of Home Value…
• In today’s real estate market, cutting through the advertising clutter and getting your Seller’s homes sold quick can be difficult. Most agents are simply left listing a sellers home then merely hoping it will sell.
• RBID solves this dilemma. The key to quickly selling any home is creating more demand for it. RBID allows its agent members to create a greater perception of value for their listings over and above that of other properties for sale in the market place, getting them sold faster and with less hassle.
• This is done with RBID’s exclusive on line bidding and marketing system.


“Sell Faster and For More Money…Create an Auction Affect! A common problem many home sellers face today is getting the price they want and need, in their time frame. Competing with other homes for less buyers can mean months on the market, less money or possibly no sell at all,” said Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty associate Michelle Leonardi, who has been implementing the RBID home selling system since 2015. “The solution is to combine the efforts of quick effective exposure to motivated buyers through effective marketing and use an online auction type system. RBID (Realty Bid Solutions) is the #1 choice to create an auction affect around the property. RBID is an internationally recognized selling system, (featured on House Buyer Network, Housesnet, with thousands of properties sold) that certifies properties as exceptional values and guarantees the seller a minimum bottom line price in the process. RBID homes readily sell for 95% – 110% of the sellers asking price” she added.


“Each day thousands of serious cash buyers preview and purchase RBID properties. The buyers include professional home buyers (investors), corporate relo’s, tax deferred exchange firms as well as owner occupants wanting a good value. These buyers bid on the property and the exclusive RBID Broker guarantees the buyers satisfaction of the property or they will buy it back* Only motivated sellers can apply for RBID and benefit by selling with less stress, strain or struggle,” said Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty associate Kristi Ramirez-Knowles, who has been implementing the RBID home selling system since 2020.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty associate John Williams added, “RBID Homes have been certified by industry experts to be the best deals and the best homes available on the market today. So much so that if within a full 24 Months of purchase your buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, we will resell the home for free. RBID properties include corporate owned, distress sales, builder close outs, divorce sales and other motivated sellers. The property also carries a warranty against defects. These homes are bought through a unique bid process and each home absolutely will be sold. These homes go quick.”


Home Sellers: Sell quick and for top dollar. Auction Effect System. Buyers Bid on Your Home. Average sell is 3 days and 99.3% of asking price. To learn more about the RBID Home Selling system, please go to Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty website at

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